July 02, 2012

Some Quick Facts About Mercy Otis Warren

We are so excited to be showcasing the work of Mercy Otis Warren at our next Classically Forgotten reading on July 7.

While revolutionary women such as Abigail Adams, Martha Washington and Betsy Ross are usually highlighted in U.S. history Mercy Otis Warren (1728-1814) has been largely overlooked. Living in Massachusetts, Warren was witness to and actively involved in the political climate preceding, during, and following the American War for Independence.

Warren came from a large family and was extremely close to her brother, James Otis, who was an important political figure in his own right. Remember that phrase from U.S. history class — “Taxation without representation is tyranny?” Mercy’s big brother.

In 1754 she married James Warren, who was also involved in politics. By the 1770s Mercy Otis Warren was writing political propaganda plays advocating the righteousness of the American cause and vilifying the British troops and the monarchy. And by vilify I mean make them look as ridiculous as possible.

She was also a prolific poet and corresponded with most of the key figures of the Revolution throughout her life. Some even go so far as to label her as a consultant for the foundations of the new government.

You can check out the works of this fascinating founding mother this Saturday with your friends at Bent Quill!