A Doctor in Spite of Himself


In this delightful comedy of mistaken identity, hidden love, and beating, the humble woodcutter Sganarelle unexpectedly finds himself to be a doctor. His patient is the beautiful Lucinde who has lost her voice rather than be forced to marry a man she does not love. Her illness is as false as her doctor, with whom her lover Leandre plots to outwit her father. The right remedy is the right husband!

Meet the Cast & Crew

Eli Thacker Taylor

Eli Thacker Taylor, Director

Eli Thacker Taylor is a Brooklyn living, food-handling, post-liberal arts college twenty-something Theatre Director. Previously he has directed such shows as “Fool For Love” by Sam Shepard, Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “Zipless” by Ernest Thompson. He also co-produced, directed, and wrote for Private Ear Audio Theatre which performed live radio plays in Brooklyn. In his free time, Eli enjoys sleeping.

Jillian Nicole Bartels

Jillian Nicole Bartels, Lucinde

Jillian is thrilled to be joining the Bent Quill Players as the silent (but deadly) Lucinde in their production of Molière’s A Doctor in Spite of Himself. Miss Bartels is a recent graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz and an even more recent resident of New York City. Some past credits include Harvey, Table for Two, The Odyssey, Killer Joe, You Can’t Take it With You and her break out first grade role in The Un-Hoppy Bunny as the ever-precocious baby bunny. This is Jillian’s New York debut and she couldn’t be happier to be making it with this hilarious and talented group of people! Huge thanks to her family and loving supporters, and special thanks to Deniz, without whom I would have gotten even more lost on the way to this audition (love you!).

Meaghan Cross

Meaghan Cross, Ensemble

Meaghan is an actor, singer, sometimes dancer, comedian and now producer. Performing since the age of five, Meaghan always knew that she wanted to be involved in theater. She graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in 2008, where she studied theater, vocal music, and literature. Meaghan is a member of The Nitestar Program, where she is an actor/educator/activist, using theatre to educate NYC school children on health-related topics. Recently, Meaghan was accepted to NYU’s Master’s Program in Educational Theatre. Meaghan is so excited to be a part of the extremely talented and gorgeous cast of A Doctor in Spite of Himself!

Norah Elise Johnson

Norah Elise Johnson, Ensemble

Norah is excited to be apart of The Bent Quill Player’s production of Molière’s A Doctor in Spite of Himself. Trained at Circle in the Square Theater School in NYC, and with David Gideon of The Acting Class, some of Norah’s favorite works have been as Florrie in Waiting for Lefty (ATA Sargent Theater NYC), Chrissy in Dancing at Lughnasa (Woodinville Theater, WA), and Emma in Betrayal (Circle in the Square Workshop NYC). Currently working on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, Norah is also pursuing film work, and has just finished filming Borrowed Time as Sarah (lead). She thanks her family and friends for all their support and love. Cheers!

Alessandro King

Alessandro King, Sganarelle

Alessandro is very pleased to be performing again with Eli and Raney, his favorite directors from college. You can see him perform his two-man improv show Listen, Kid! at the Magnet Theater. Al is also an award-winning playwright; his piece Swing ’39 will be produced this summer at the Trustus Theatre in South Carolina.

Hico Oshiro

Hico Oshiro, Lucas

Originally from Japan, Hico was raised up with a wonderful family who he is always thinking of. Hico’s theatre experience includes “The Heist Show” in L.A. as well as “Tow Town”, “Something Outrageous”, and “Comedy Friends’ show”; and short films “The Landlord” and “Hypnocus Pocused”, which Hico won best acting for CUNUFF. He trained in acting workshops in Japan for 6 years. He always appreciates people involved with him, and likes to say “I love life.”

Giverny Petitmermet

Giverny Petitmermet, Jacqueline

Giverny Petitmermet’s New York credits include: The Burning House (Studio Maya Workshop); Sacrificial Boogaloo (Mainspring Collective); Trinity@Trinity (Ex Libris Theatre Company); Wake, Dispersal, Playboy of the Western World (Aisling Arts); Assistance (Conflict of Interest Theatre Co.). Other credits include: Much Ado About Nothing (Olney Theatre Center); Prelude to a Kiss, Trojan Women (BU); The Provoked Wife, Macbeth (LAMDA). Training: Boston University, BFA in acting; London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA), British American Drama Academy (BADA). Her writing can be heard on the COI podcast.

Nevan Scott

Nevan Scott, Geronte

At the ripe old age of [redacted], Nevan couldn’t be happier to play yet another father with a mood disorder and a daughter whom he wishes to marry to a wealthy leper rather than the fiscally-challenged looker. Nevan enjoys doing other things with type too, not just being cast by it. Oh, and I guess he’s also happy to be working with all these bright young things.

Owen Scott

Owen Scott, Prologue

Owen’s more serious New York acting work has included Lionel in Robert Kolodny’s Land of Nod, Prison Guard A2 in The New School for Drama grad showcase piece The Panopticon, and Zorlan Morlan the Lord of Tears in Mainspring Collective’s “Monster Literature” series. Owen is originally from Sharon, MA and attended Sarah Lawrence College.

Katharine Tool

Katharine Tool, Ensemble

I guess it all started at as early an age as I was conscious. I spent a lot of time outside pretending I was this or that, or that various plant life and inanimate objects could be adventurous creatures. I didn’t know anything else but that, and at the time it was wonderful. My imagination was all I needed. Once I got older, and encountered strange scary things like mathematics and recess being discontinued, I came to a realization: sounding like a cartoon character and making up stories are my only real skills. So I spent a few years trying to be normal; going to school, playing sports, not using sounds as responses. But one day I took an acting class and all that normal stuff was forgotten. Like Mel Gibson in Braveheart, I exclaimed to myself, “They may take our lives, but they will never take our playyy!” So thank you so much Bent Quill Players for allowing me to be a part of the show, and to Tommy for telling me to kick ass every day.

Leah Weingart

Leah Weingart, Martine

Leah (Charleston, West Virginia) recently finished her year as a member of the 2011 Company at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and is thrilled for her first post-school production to be with the Bent Quill Players. In her spare time Leah pursues impressive acts of nerdery including Dungeons & Dragons, comic books, Star Wars, and zombie survival. She thanks her loving family, friends at home, and awesome secondary family at the Academy for their boundless love and support.

Nathan Wiley

Nathan Wiley, Leandre

Nathan graduated from Fordham University Lincoln Center last May, Class of 2010. Hailing from North Hollywood, CA, Nate is excited to be a part of a great group of people on this wild east coast! Training: Fordham University, LAMDA Spring Semester, and Williamstown Theatre Festival 2007 (Apprentice). Fordham: The Rabbit Hole (Howie), The Day Room (Gary), Glory Days (Marc Antony). Off-Broadway: The County Hell (Wolfe) at Manhattan Repertory Theatre. Film: Not Dispensing “short” (Al). TV: FBI Profiler: The Ken and Barbie Killers (Paul Bernardo). Nate would like to thank the cast, crew, friends, family, and most of all, Tash, who makes it all worth while.

Marrí J. Wright

Marrí J. Wright, Valere

Marrí loves exploring the world of entertainment and creative expression in the City that Never Sleeps. Constantly striving to challenge herself and refine her dramatic talents, Marrí is excited to join the Bent Quill Players and rediscover her funny bone as Valere in A Doctor in Spite of Himself. She would like to thank her friends and family for their continued support in her search for new adventures in creative self-expression.